What is the
FAIR Plan?

What is the FAIR Plan?

The Indiana Basic Property Insurance Underwriting Association, also known as the FAIR Plan, was established October 28, 1968 for the purpose of making property insurance available to applicants who have not been able to secure such insurance on insurable property through the normal insurance market. The FAIR Plan is not intended to be competitive with the voluntary insurance marketplace, but instead is designed to be used as a last resort to obtain basic property insurance. It is a voluntary association comprised of insurance companies that are licensed to write property insurance in the State of Indiana. Funding of the FAIR Plan is through premium income from FAIR Plan policies and if necessary, assessments paid by its member companies to pay policy loss claims, expenses and administrative expenses.

What does the FAIR Plan Offer?

Dwelling and Commercial Insurance to Indiana Residents who have been declined coverage by at least three non-related Insurance Companies. The declination is verified in section 2 of the FAIR Plan application for insurance.

The maximum amount of coverage for dwelling risk is $250,000 combined for building and contents. Commercial coverage has a maximum amount of $1,000,000 combined for building and contents.



As a result of the COVID-19 risk mitigation efforts, anyone wishing to visit the offices of the Indiana FAIR Plan in person must contact our office at 317-264-2310 to schedule an appointment.

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Indiana Automobile Insurance Plan (IAIP)
The Indiana Automobile Insurance Plan (IAIP) was created in 1948 and is a voluntary association that provides automobile insurance to individuals who are unable to obtain coverage through the voluntary market. You may contact any licensed insurance agent in the state of Indiana for more information on the IAIP.

The IAIP is a separate association from the Indiana FAIR Plan. 
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