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*******************NOTICE JUNE 20, 2018******************


The 2017 K-1's, Participation Reports and the 2017 audit financials are available.  Please log in to access those.



Members of the Indiana Fair Plan:  Each Member participates in the profits and is liable for the expenses and losses of the Association based on the proportion of each Member’s premium written compared to the aggregate premium written determined separately for the Habitational and Commercial Lines.  These proportions are determined using premiums written in the prior calendar year. 


Effective March 16, 2017, the Insurer's Report, that is required to be filed yearly, is available electronically once you are logged in to the Member Area. State Page 14 should be mailed / emailed / faxed to Stephanie Davis.



Indiana Fair Plan

3502 Woodview Trace Suite 100

Indianapolis IN  46268


FAX:  317-264-2395



If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Davis, or 317-692-0578.





*********************************************** END OF NOTICE ************************************************


Membership in the FAIR Plan is voluntary, not statutory. The FAIR Plan currently has over 300 member insurers. The FAIR Plan is organized as a syndicate and elects to file income tax returns as a partnership. As such, for tax purposes, each member is considered a partner. The business of the FAIR Plan is managed by a Governing Committee representing various segments of property insurers. FAIR Plan operations must be in accordance with their governing documents: By-laws and Plan of Operation.

For additional information see the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).